This year the program will run from April 2019 to August 2019. The idea is to match experienced designers, researchers, and POs with less experienced designer women who are early in their careers. The mentees will be challenged to work on their goals while utilising the guidance and support of their dedicated mentors.

We welcome mentors of all genders. However as currently there is a gender imbalance in tech we have taken the decision to prioritise ladies as mentees. Guys can sign up but they will be matched after all ladies will be matched. We thank you for your understanding!


  • 08th March
    Mentor registration is open.
  • 25th March
    Program website is launched and mentee registration is open.
  • Matching Process
    Mentees can access the mentors profiles on our website and select up to two mentors as their preferences. Based on the answers, our coordinators will create matches and both pairs are informed via email.
  • 11th April
    Kick off event. Mentors and mentees have an opportunity to meet in person and take part in two workshops by Anne Vroegop and Anouschka Scholten. After the event mentees will start working with their mentors on their goals. They can discuss and decide together if they prefer to meet virtually or in person over the course of 4 months. We recommend meeting every 2 weeks, but leave it up to each pair to figure out a cadence that works for them.
  • June
    Check-in Event. Halfway through the mentorship program, we invite participants to a relaxed social event to network and stay in touch with the community!
  • August
    Closing Event. We welcome participants to share how they formulated their goals and worked towards them together with their mentors.

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