Mentorship Program 2021

You asked we listened - the 4th edition of the Mentorship Program is here!

Same same,
but different

(But still same)

Changes to Mentorship Program

This year we want to make some changes to the Mentorship Program in order to provide as much help and support to those who need it.
Over the previous years we've noticed 2 distinct cohorts of mentees - those who require continuous support from a mentor, and those who are looking rather for advice/review than guidance. Hence we would like to introduce 2 separate tracks for the Mentorship this year.

Two tracks, choose yours

You are free to choose any of the two tracks according to your personal goals, regardless of your experience. Please keep in mind that you can only choose one of the tracks.

Fast track (2 months)
This track is best for people who are not ready to commit 4 months into the Program, and are looking for advice on CV, Cover Letter or Portfolio.

🧐 Mentorship Classic (4 months)
This track is suitable for people who are keen to develop themselves in a new area or seeking guidance from a senior design professional.

How  it works?

It is a program where we match mentors with mentees based on their preferences and on what they want to learn.
You commit with your mentee or mentor to meet for 30 minutes once every two weeks at least. And it’s up-to-you what you want to get out of it! The mentee sets the goals and defines what they want to learn. Same for the mentor, you define in which areas you want to coach.

Here are some answers to our most popular questions 👉

🤔 Can I be a mentor and mentee at the same time?

Yes of course! You can register now to be a mentor, and later on, you can register to be a mentee. You will be matched with a mentor and a mentee based on your preferences.

🙋 I’m not a lady, can I join?

We welcome mentors and mentees of all genders. However, as currently there is a gender imbalance in tech we have taken the decision to prioritise ladies as mentees. Which means if there is a shortage of mentors, female mentees will be matched first.
We thank you for your understanding!

💸 How much does it cost?

Mentorship Program is absolutely free!

🤑 Will I get payed as a mentor?

No you will not get payed. Mentorship program is free for mentees and organised by volunteers.

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Feb 18
Start of registration for mentors
Fill out our survey and let us know in which area you'd like to offer your guidance. After the registration you'll receive an email with details and what to expect next.
Mar 1
Start of registration for mentees
Tell us what kind of help and development do you seek.
After filling out the survey you will receive an email from us with next steps and what to expect in the coming weeks.
Mar 31
Registration is closed
We close the registration so we can start preparing for matching. In case demand for mentorship is high, we might close the registration for mentees earlier.
Apr 3
Pairs matching
It' time for us to dig through an extensive Excel sheet to find you a perfect match. As soon as you're matched you will receive an intro email from us.
Keep in mind, after this point it's up to you to schedule a meeting.
Apr 5
Start of the Mentorship Program
We'll mark the start of the program with a kick off event where some of our previous participants will share helpful tips on how to get the most out of it.
Aug 18
End of the Mentorship Program
We'll celebrate the end of the program with a closing event.


This year the program will run from April 2021 to August 2021. The idea is to match experienced designers, researchers, and PMs with less experienced designers who are early in their careers.

The mentees will be challenged to work on their goals while utilising the guidance and support of their dedicated mentors.

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Give back to the community by sharing knowledge and expand your network of professionals who share similar values.
Amplify your personal brand in front of clients and employers.

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